Gedeckter Holztisch mit Blau Zwiebelmuster Geschirr auf einer Sommerwiese im Hintergrund

Summer vibes at the dinner table

Summer beckons with brightly blooming meadows, warm temperatures and long sunny days in the great outdoors. The table setting should complement the season: intense colours, detailed patterns, and playful shapes. Three Hutschenreuther classics are perfectly suited: the famous Blue Onion with its nostalgic-classic decorations in a strong cobalt blue, Medley with its simple patterns in a romantic-rustic country house style and the Medley Alfabia collection, reminiscent of a Mediterranean landscape, in shades of yellow and orange. What's more, all three sets share the same tableware shape as the popular Maria Theresia collection.

Hutschenreuther Blau Zwiebelmuster Geschirr auf einem Holztisch mitten in einer wilden Sommerwiese

Dining Collection
Blau Zwiebelmuster

The Blau Zwiebelmuster ("Blue Onion Pattern") is a popular classic in the Hutschenreuther dinnerware collections. Despite its name, this pattern doesn't actually feature onions. Instead, it showcases designs of pomegranates, peaches, peonies, and a bamboo bouquet. The opulent patterns in intense cobalt blue add a summery vibe to any table setting.

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Hutschenreuther - Porcelain under the banner of the lion

The 20-year-old porcelain painter Carolus Magnus Hutschenreuther laid the foundation for the first private porcelain factory in north-east Bavaria in 1814. Pipe bowls, handleless, richly ornamented cups, but also fruit dishes and dessert plates were some of the hot sellers of that initial period. Since then, Hutschenreuther has emerged as a stylish brand for enjoyable living and ingenious gift ideas. Today, we associate the traditional brand Hutschenreuther with the “Blue Onion” pattern and the timeless “Maria Theresia” design every bit as with the limited article collections – the limited Hutschenreuther Christmas bell, for example, is an inherent part of the Christmas festivities for many people.

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, a number of service concepts, seasonal gift ideas and successful article collections kindle the desire for more. This is why Hutschenreuther shows itself in a contemporary modern light in 2014. New collections and a new lion underscore the current look without sacrificing consistency and tradition. Classics like the Maria Theresia design are experiencing a renaissance with new patterns, and gift ideas such as vases, bowls, boxes and figurative decoration articles form a significant part of the Hutschenreuther collections, too.

Manufacturing & production

The collections are made at the factories Rosenthal am Rothbühl in Selb and Thomas am Kulm in Speicherersdorf. These production facilities are world leaders in the porcelain industry and, thanks to future-focused investments, manufacture products sustainably and resource-efficiently. Rosenthal GmbH has become one of the first companies in the fine ceramics industry to be TÜV-SÜD-certified, thanks to the successful implementation of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2011 at its sites in Selb and Speicherersdorf.

Below is an overview of the certifications of Rosenthal GmbH:

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